A Parent’s Guide to Keeping Tabs without Putting Your Child In Danger

babyGetting Ready for Baby

Are you worried about your child’s safety? Do you worry every minute about what might happen to your child? Many things come to a parents mind. Questions like, Is the baby eating right? Did I buy the right crib? Is this the right baby monitor? Does the baby’s pee look a little too yellow?

If you have the same questions or struggling with the same fears. You are not alone. There is no perfect parenting style. They are varied, from the nurturing and over protective parent to the hovering helicopter parents. Some parents go free range like letting the child discover things and be carefree. Whatever parent you may be we understand that you need help sometimes. It can get overwhelming. Don’t worry. We’re here for you.

Having a baby is like going on a new adventure! We want you to enjoy every minute with your child.  Understandably, keeping your precious cargo safe is top priority! That is why we recommend getting a baby monitor especially when you have a newborn. Having a baby monitor helps you track your baby’s every move. You would also be able to hear when your little one cries, wanting to be fed, cuddled or in need of a diaper change. Having a video monitor is even better as it allows you to look at your child without having to be in the same room. You can do your chores without worry as you can easily peek in on your little one without having to wake her.



Baby safety is parents’ top priority for their child. Having a baby monitor can be a lifesaver. It is your best friend for keeping your child safe while you do your chores. However, like any other product, even when it is safe to use there are certain set of dos and don’ts that you need to look out for, here are a few of the most important ones.

Keep in mind that having a baby monitor is a great idea but do not give in to the false sense of security. A baby monitor is not a substitute for being there. So you need to periodically check on your baby.


It is not a babysitter

Baby monitors are used to help you check your baby while they’re sleeping. Monitors are not substitutes and you cannot leave your child for long periods of time without physically checking on your child.


Don’t forget to read the manual

Do not assume that every baby monitor is the same. Make sure you read the manual before using it. You have to follow the manufacturer’s guide on the usage and placement of the baby monitor.


It’s not a toy

Some baby monitors look cute and babies can be easily distracted. The babies tend to grab and destroy things. You need to be mindful to keep your monitor and power adaptor cord out of their reach, for the safety of the baby.


Keep the monitor out of the baby’s reach.

Never ever place the monitor near the baby’s crib. You child can easily grab the monitor and play with it.


Protect your privacy

logoMost baby monitors are now equipped with web connectivity features. That is why most baby monitors can be hacked. There are reports and horror stories of strangers speaking to children through monitors. In some cases even, control the baby monitor camera. If you choose a baby monitor that is linked to the internet make, sure you have strong passwords both from your home network and from baby monitor.


Look out for water

Like any other electrical gadget, your baby monitor needs to be kept dry at all times to avoid malfunctioning. Remember to keep it away from the sink, bathtub or the pool. As a rule, place your monitor away within 5 feet from water.


Where to look for the best video baby monitor

There are lots of places where you can find baby video monitors and one of the biggest reseller is Amazon. On Amazon you’ll find lots of different brands and all of them have different pro’s and con’s. Because there is such a big variarity between the baby monitors, always check the reviews on sites like BabyWatchTech.com as an example site where they review the best video baby monitors.